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          Branding is the best way to introduce yourself and a great opportunity to help potential clients understand the context and background of your business and why they should choose YOU over everyone else. 

When you think of brand, what companies do you think of? How about Coca-Cola? Besides the fact that they have a timeless logo, you can tell their commercials from a mile away. They always portray the fact that you will simply enjoy their beverage and it will bring you happiness. What does your current marketing portray? Does your current marketing strategy stand out to your ideal client? 

Let me show you how Branding Photography will portray your business!



Your Service

This shows the world what you do WHILE you're doing it! Set the tone for your future client and show them what to expect when they hire you over others!


Your Products

Quality over quantity is EVERYTHING. Besides the fact that you offer great service, your client can expect you to use quality products to make sure they are taken care of and happy. 



The Person Behind the Business

What truly sets your brand apart is YOU. The fact that you are the specialist and will guide them throughout the delivery of service is what no one will be able to match. Portray your down-to-earth personality and show your commitment to excellent service.


Ready to tell the world what you do? Here is what you will receive in your Branding Photography Package:

  • Face-to-face or zoom consult to make sure we are a good match and make sure I can satisfy your business needs.

  • Up to 90 minute photoshoot.

  • Digital Folder with High-Resolution images in just the right format for every place you want to use them.

  • 20-40 Images with commercial rights for you to be able to use in your business cards, flyers, website, blog or social media.


*Add a business card template or promotional flyer for only $25 more. 

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