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Nabyla Nicolle & Self-Love

Hola! Thanks for being here!

I never thought I would have the courage to post a photo (let alone a self portrait) of myself and place it on my website or blog. Although I proud myself in being a #leo full of self efficacy and strength, I have been self-conscious about my image for some years now. The truth is, self-love is incredibly hard sometimes, and it comes after you learn to appreciate and accept the parts of yourself you may otherwise hate the most. I am currently on that path. As I mentioned in a previous post, my resolution for this year both on a personal as well as a business level is to prioritize #selfcare, and that begins by understanding myself, the parts I like and the ones I don't so much, and learning to appreciate them all the same. It has always been important for me to photograph my children and husband, but always have such a hard time placing myself in those photos. There is a saying that goes: "People are too quick to pass judgement, and too slow to self reflect," and I cannot find this to be more true. Even if it is about ourselves, passing judgement hurts our soul and takes away our peace little by little. All too many times I've said, "I will definitely get family photos soon," "after my hair appointment," or "after I lose some weight," but turns out I never get to do those things and feel "ready" for my photos. I don't feel ready because I am not meeting the standard that I am setting for "how I should look" and in the meantime, my children are without a photo with their momma. So this year 2022 I will be changing all that! Starting with this self portrait, I have vowed not only to take more photos and videos of myself, but to also help another woman, who may have a similar struggle, and support her on her journey to #selflove and #selfcare.

Here's where the #announcement comes in:


I am super excited to be able to share this opportunity with someone and gift her family shots not only for herself but her family! Did you know psychologists advise to have a family portrait in your children's room? It not only helps boost their self-esteem but also helps them physically see where they belong and how much they are loved.

If you or a woman you know identifies with any the things I've shared above, does not have a lot of #familyphotos or wants to start in this journey with me, please nominate her. We will never look or be perfect, but we do still have this moment and we can photograph it to treasure it forever!

Always cheering you on,



Additional information:

#springminisessions will run between March and April. Details as far as exact time slots available and location will be shared with the launch of the sessions. Nominations will be open from 2/19/22 to 3/6/22 and winner will be announced on 3/7/22. No purchase is necessary to participate and/or win this session.
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